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Spring Awakening Spring Menu

Spring is in the air, and there’s no better way to usher in the beauty of the season than at Tuscan Sun! Delve into the magic of spring with this hand-curated selection of seasonal delights that are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to approach life in a fresh new way! 

Glowing at Dusk

A citrusy plant-based cleanser greets dull skin – brightening and gently exfoliating in the process! A delicious, alcohol-free toner then hydrates, followed by a fruit acid mask formulated to slough away the rough stuff, only leaving pillowy-soft skin in its wake. Next, we nourish, as a deeply hydrating mask is painted on – made with Hi-Bio Hemp and FHF-grown spearmint extract. A much-needed brightening pick-me-up comes in the form of a Vitamin C booster, paired with a peptide-rich facial serum. End with a feathery-soft facial mousse, infused with slow-release retinol! Lastly, a luxurious under-eye cream brightens, corrects, and conceals.
WV - $125.00 | 55 mins

PA & NY - $130.00 | 55 mins

Citrus Glazed

A Vitamin E-infused massage, scented with delicious notes of vanilla, soothes arms, legs, and shoulders into much-needed steaming nourishment! Breathe in deeply, then exhale as skin becomes softer. Then, a foaming whip with botanical suds rinses skin clean before a smoothing serum unveils your silkiest skin yet. This newfound glow is sealed in with a crisp, glistening body oil. The scent of fresh clementine oranges now surrounds you. A vision of springtime? Yes . . . YOU!
WV - $115.00 | 55 mins
$145.00 | 85 mins

PA & NY - $125.00 | 55 mins
$160.00 | 85 mins

Glimmer of Sunshine Watermelon
Wrap & Massage

A kneading so silky, skin will beg for a second helping! We begin by nestling arms and legs in a squalane and hyaluronic gelee cocoon. Formulated to brighten skin tone and hydrate, this blend with lycopene-rich watermelon extract seriously softens! Stiff muscles are then kneaded using effleurage strokes with a light-as-a-feather body mousse. Let juicy notes of watermelon dazzle and delight as this body treatment comes to an end.
WV - $145.00 | 85 mins

PA & NY - $160.00 | 85 mins

Wake Up Buttercup!

A creamy whole milk soak soothes and softens before a crisp, refreshing exfoliation with a sea salt and rice bran oil scrub with organic alfalfa root. Next, warm Agave Nectar oil is lightly drizzled on skin . . . every touch induces a new level of relaxation. Our final massage is a breath of fresh air. A rich citrus-infused shea butter cream, just slightly sweet, leaves your toes and feet blissfully buttery, supple, and serene.
WV - $65.00 | 55 mins
Master - $75.00 | 55 mins

PA & NY - $70.00 | 55 mins
Master - $80.00 | 55 mins

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