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Seasonal Services


Spring Back to Life

Bask in the wonder & scents of spring with our NEW Spring Back to Life seasonal menu! Unwind and bid farewell to the worries of life while you refresh your body with this hand-curated selection of services! Reserve your appointment online or in store, today!

Spring To Life

Prepare for this invigorating journey. The Spring to Life Facial begins with an apricot, mango, and orange cleanse that smells just like spring. Next, a vitamin C mint double exfoliation scrubs away dry winter buildup. Then, softness and hydration is sealed in with a Peach & Honey Mask, leaving skin looking smooth and rejuvenated.
WV - $125.00 | 55 mins

PA & NY - $130.00 | 55 mins

Honey Magnolia Milk

Steaming grapeseed, olive, and orange peel oil-infused towels nourish your skin with antioxidants and vitamins. Next, your’re whipped into softness with a shea butter micro sugar polish. A softly sweetened body milk massage leaves notes of magnolia flowers, cream, and hints of honey. You’ll feel whisper-light, and glisten with radiant, fresh skin.
WV - $120.00 | 55 mins
$150.00 |85 mins

PA & NY - $130.00 | 55 mins
$175.00 | 85 mins

Honey Magnolia Wine
Body Treatment & Massage

Pop the cork and allow yourself to be revitalized with this intoxicating treatment! Begin with a Whipped Honey Sea Salt Polish, uniquely formulated with the finest sea salt grains, rice bran oil, vitamin E, and a honey scent to ensure radiant skin. Pour another glass and enjoy the super antioxidant Wine Down Body Wrap with a splash of lavender and hibiscus mineral oils infused into your towels for a twist. As skin sips away at the cocktail of super fruits, vegetable compounds, and winery grape extracts, all of your rough skin will slip away as well. Your treatment concludes with a Honey-Magnolia Oil massage leaving you soft, supple, and sweetly fragrant.
WV - $145.00 | 85 mins

PA & NY - $160.00 | 85 mins

French Riviera
Manicure & Pedicure

This treatment’s luxurious combination of lavender and coconut will make you feel like you’re lounging on the beach in Saint Tropez. Take a relaxing dip in our Lavendar Hibiscus Mineral Both of herbs and epsom & himalayan sea salts before a coconut-infused whipped shea butter sugar scrub buffs away tough skin. A creamy coating of vitamin-rich mint julep and lavendar scented shea butter will leave your skin Riviera-ready.
WV - $40.00 | 45 mins
Master - $45.00 | 45 mins

PA & NY - $45.00 | 45 mins
Master - $50.00 | 45 mins

WV - $65.00 | 55 mins
Master - $70.00 | 55 mins

PA & NY - $75.00 | 55 mins
Master - $80.00 | 55 mins

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