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Neograft Hair Restoration


Currently available in our West Virginia & Pennsylvania locations

Neograft Hair Restoration

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and liked what you saw?

If you are experiencing thinning hair or genetically patterned hair loss, you are not alone.  In fact, studies show that more than 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States alone are in some way troubled by hair loss, and until now there has never been an easy, clear solution.

Tuscan Sun Spa & Salon is delighted to announce the arrival of NeoGraft®, the most trusted name in hair restoration!

NeoGraft®, the newest technology in hair restoration, is dedicated to re-growing your hair naturally with minimal invasiveness, discomfort, and recovery time, while achieving optimal results.  In fact, patients who receive NeoGraft® hair restoration can expect to see a more youthful, healthy, and full head of hair than before.

“But just how does it work?”

We are so happy you asked! 

Discover more about this latest hair restoration innovation below!

Performed since the 1950s, hair transplantation has traditionally been a painful and invasive process. Former methods of hair transplantation have involved “strip harvesting.” Strip harvesting involves making a large incision on the back of the scalp and removing a strip of skin from which follicles are derived and then transplanted into the thinning areas of the patient’s head. This method results in an often unnatural look and a linear scar that can be a significant source of embarrassment, especially for those patients who prefer shorter hairstyles.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a far better solution. FUE procedures relocate “bald resistant” hair follicles from the back of the head to the balding areas on the top of the head. Once transplanted, these follicles that have never been prone to balding naturally grow hair for decades to come.

Using the same area of the scalp as the strip harvesting method, a certified NeoGraft® provider extracts hair follicles individually via a process known as “follicular unit extraction” (FUE).  Once individual hairs have been extracted from the back of the patient’s scalp, they are individually implanted in the thinning or balding areas of the scalp via the NeoGraft® No-Touch Follicle Implantation Method.  This process involves careful placement of the follicles into the scalp area, using a safe and simple delivery technique.  Implantation continues until all of the harvested follicles have been transplanted.

After transplantation is complete, the newly transplanted follicles will rest and grow perfectly natural hair in the newly grafted areas.  New hair can be colored, cut, and styled in any fashion.  And the best part?  There is no unsightly linear scar and the procedure is completely undetectable—except for the new hair, of course!

Once the newly transplanted hair follicles then settled and rested, usually within three to four months, new hair growth will be seen.

NeoGraft® procedures are performed at our beautiful Morgantown, West Virginia location; however, initial consultations can be conducted at all of our offices. The procedure is conducted by a certified NeoGraft® provider that specializes only in this procedure.

Step 1: Shave the back of the patient’s head to prepare for the procedure. This area of the head is resistant to genetic patterned hair loss and the follicles are still visible, making it the optimal location for extraction.

Step 2: This area is then numbed by our Medical Director and in-house surgeon, Dr. Brinda Navalgund, who oversees the process.

Step 3: A certified NeoGraft® provider carefully extracts follicles from the donor area on the back of the scalp to the desired area with the gentle FUE process. Follicles are stored in the NeoGraft® system’s storage chamber until transplantation.

Step 4: Harvested hairs are then individually transplanted into the desired area using the NeoGraft® system.

Ideal candidates for the NeoGraft® procedure are those prospective patients, who—despite exhibiting areas of hair loss and/or balding—are able to provide healthy follicles for transplantation from one site on the scalp to another. Prospective patient’s cannot be completely bald. For most people, the area on the back of the scalp is resistant to pattern baldness; therefore, the follicles are still healthy and active. This is essential for the NeoGraft® procedure to be a success. The best way to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for NeoGraft® is to schedule a FREE initial consultation with one of our medical spa experts.

See the results for yourself!

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* Individual results may vary. Specific results are not guaranteed. 

In short:

  • NeoGraft® is minimally invasive
  • NeoGraft® is natural-looking
  • NeoGraft® causes little-to-no discomfort
  • NeoGraft® features quick recovery time
  • NeoGraft® allows for flexible financing (We proudly accept CareCredit.)

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