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Spa Services | Nail Care


Essential Manicure

Enjoy a calming hand soak and get your nails shaped, buffed, smoothed and finished with your favorite hue.

30 minutes: $25 | Master $30


Color Dip Manicure

Powder nails have little to no damage in prepping the nails, it’s harder than gel polish so it protects the natural nails more and is more chip-resistant. It can be applied on a natural nail or over a tip for length. No light is needed to cure the nail, it’s fast to apply and the top coat only needs 5 minutes to dry!

Natural Nail: 75 minutes, $45 | Master $55
Over a Tip: 90 minutes, $55 | Master $65


Gel Lacquer Manicure
Experience all the refreshing benefits of our Essential Manicure while enjoying the long-lasting enhancement of our Shellac Gel Lacquer polish or OPI Gel Lacquer colors that strengthen your natural nails while providing you with a chip-free manicure for up to two weeks.

60 minutes: $38.00 | Master $45


Gel Lacquer Manicure with Removal
Relish the joys of our Gel Lacquer manicure plus receive a gel removal.  This is the perfect choice for those who currently have gel on their nails, which needs to be removed before beginning again.

60 minutes + time of gel removal: $46 | Master $53


Seasonal Manicure
A classic manicure adding special touches of seasonal scents, masks and scrubs. Check out monthly details ranging from pumpkin spice, cranberries, chocolate dips and much more!

60 minutes: price varies per season 


Mens Executive Hand Treatment
Men need attention, too! Let us refresh your hands while we soak, shape and file your nails and finish with a hydrating hand mask that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

30 minutes: $25.00


Manicure Enhancements

Paraffin Hand Treatment | $10

Hot Stone Hand Treatment | $10

Nail Art | $10

French Manicure | $10

Polish Change | $5



Essential Pedicure
Enjoy a relaxing foot soak and get your nails shaped, buffed, and smoothed. Cuticles, dry skin and calluses will be groomed, filed and nourished leaving you feeling refreshed!  Finish with your favorite hue.

60 minutes: $49 | Master $55


Shine On Gel Pedicure
Nails are shaped and buffed and cuticles groomed.  An overlay of UV Gel Lacquer is placed on the natural nail, with no extension.  It will last for weeks.  A great protective coating and a shine that stays.

60 minutes: $58 | Master $65


Shine On Gel Pedicure with Removal
Enjoy the amazing benefits of our Shine On Gel Pedicure plus gel removal.  This is the perfect choice for those who currently have gel on their nails and require removal before beginning again.

60 minutes: $66 | Master $73


Seasonal Pedicure

An essential pedicure with aromatic special touches of seasonal scents, masks and scrubs. Check our Seasonal Services page for the current service to get you excited about the season!

60 minutes: price varies per season


Personally Pampered Pedicure
Tailor your pedicure experience to your own needs by selecting the areas you want us to focus on. Your nail technician will consult with you before you begin and let you decide where you need to be revitalized and soothed most. A completely personal experience created especially for you. 

60 minutes: Price Will Vary


Hydration Vacation Pedicure

The perfect pedicure for extremely dry or calloused feet with its blend of Lactic Acids and high percentage of synthetic Urea. Incredibly effective in reducing and eliminating callouses yet gentle enough for every client.

60 minutes: $60 | Master $68


Pedicure Enhancements

Paraffin Foot Treatment | $12

Hot Stone Foot Treatment | $12

Nail Art |$5

French Pedicure | $5

Polish Change | $16


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