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SaltFacial, Tuscan Sun’s newest facial experience, is an all-natural treatment that rejuvenates your skin for long-lasting results. The SaltFacial consists of a 3-step process, including Sea Salt Resurfacing (for exfoliation), Aesthetic Ultrasound (to help penetrate the product into the skin) and LED Phototherapy (to promote healing). These steps can be used together or individually (and paired with other services at Tuscan Sun, such as laser treatments, Hydrafacial services, and medical cosmetics), based on your individual needs.

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SaltFacial treats a variety of conditions such as enlarged pores, uneven texture & pigment, acne & scarring, sun damage and fine lines & wrinkles.

Yes, SaltFacial is all-natural and is safe for all skin types.

Initial results can be seen within one to four treatments with full results within eight.

There is a ten day waiting period between treatments.

The 3-step SaltFacial process takes 45 minutes.

SaltFacial is broken down into three steps: Restore – Replenish – Rejuvenate.

  1. RESTORE with Sea Salt Resurfacing

Your skin’s beauty will be restored with pure, organic sea salt that resurfaces and detoxifies the skin. The positive-pressure flow technology will deliver the salt to your skin for even resurfacing that will leave your skin feeing fresh and glowing.

  1. REPLENISH with Aesthetic Ultrasound

Skin will be nourished with increased circulation during the aesthetic ultrasound. Vital nutrients and antioxidants will be replenished while results can be enhanced when used with topical treatments.

  1. REJUVENATE with LED Phototherapy

Increase the healing rate, reduce redness and encourage collagen production with the use of LED phototherapy. Skin is rejuvenated and circulation is improved leaving skin with an instant glow.


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