The Med Spa at Tuscan entails services for wellness and anti-aging including Weight Loss, our Laser & Contour Center, CoolSculpting, Medical Cosmetics, Permanent Makeup and Chemical Facial Peels. If you're looking for non-surgical alternatives for weight loss, wellness, and anti-aging, look no further! Our staff includes a full-time nurse practitioner, a Registered Nurse, and 2 laser technicians certified by the National Laser Institute.

Weight Loss

Tuscan Sun Spa's medical Weight Loss programs includes medication-assisted weight loss such belviq, contrave and phentermine; we offer Health Maintenance Protein Dieting; and we are also a registered Dr. Emma’s HCG Diet Facility.


Dr. Emma's HCG Diet

Dr. Emma's HCG Diet is a monitored diet program combined with HCG injections to help you lose weight. HCG injections alone do not make you lose weight, but they change how you lose weight when combined with the recommended diet. The HCG injections keep you from losing muscle while you diet, which allows for a more pure fat loss. The result is that you become leaner and lose inches/reduce clothing sizes, while maintaining a strong metabolism which helps you maintain your weight loss. The injections also reduce feelings of hunger, which helps you diet more comfortably.


Dr. Simeon's HCG Diet

Dr. Simeon developed the HCG Diet and it is very similar to Dr Emma's plan but more restrictive. As a result, people can lose more but it takes more dedication. His program only allows 40 days of dieting each round, then requires a 2 week break before restarting. Our registered nurse, Traci Bailey, has guided more than 100 people through this program with great success. Not only do clients typically lose 20-45 pounds in one round but they also develop a different attitude toward food and healthy choices. 


Physician-Monitored Medical Weight Loss

At Tuscan, our nurse and nurse practitioner help determine which medication will work best for you and will evaluate your progress to make sure it is working for you. 


BELVIQ® is an FDA-approved prescription weight-loss medication that, when used with reduced-calorie diet and exercise, can help some overweight adults with a weight-related medical problem lose weight and keep it off. Belviq helps you feel satisfied with less food by targeting a hunger receptor in the brain. 

CONTRAVE is a prescription weight-loss medicine that may help some adults lose weight and keep the weight off combined with a low-calorie diet and increased physical activity. Contrive contains 2 well-known, previously approved medicines. Non-clinical studies suggest these medicines work together in 2 areas of the brain:

  • The appetite center to help you eat less
  • The reward center to change the feelings you may have in response to eating

Phentermine is the most popular weight loss pill in the USA. It works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland and affecting certain neurotransmitters to decrease appetite. Like other diet pills, it works best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Ideal Protein

Maintaining a stable weight after dieting often requires changes to your lifestyle habits. This is why Ideal Protein strongly emphasizes education and understanding. You must learn to eat “smarter” or risk regaining your lost weight. Therefore, when you begin our program you will have a personal weight loss coach. Your coach will assist you through each of the 4 phases of the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. In phases 1 & 2 your coach will help you set your weight loss goals and support you on that journey. In phases 3 & 4 your coach will shift focus to weight stabilization and post-diet living, teaching you weight maintenance habits that may assist you in keeping the excess pounds off after dieting. You will learn:

  • how your body fat is burned,
  • the relationship between insulin and weight gain,
  • which foods are best suited for healthy weight management,
  • when, why and in what combination to eat carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and more

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