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Permanent Makeup


Permanent makeup FOR eyeS AND lips


Permanent makeup services at Tuscan includes eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and full lips. Our Permanent Makeup Artist was trained and certified by the Beau Institute, recognized worldwide for their innovative and leading edge permanent makeup training methods. We now offer natural-looking hair stroke brows that create the appearance of texture, dimension, depth and movement as opposed to the flat, solid eyebrows of the past!

Permanent Cosmetics, also referred to as micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or dermal-pigmentation, is a process whereby completely natural pigments are implanted beneath the top layer of skin, into the dermal layer (second layer of skin), by micro insertion. This technique has been medically developed and specifically designed for a safe permanent application. The pigments used have been specially formulated for cosmetic application. Not to be compared with traditional tattooing, in which permanent skin dyes and inks are placed into the skin.

Permanent makeup typically has to be redone every year to prevent fading.

Hair Stroke Eyebrows | $550

Color Boost (1-2 years) | $350

Lip Blushing | $650

Lip Liner | $450

Full Lips (liner and fill) | $650

Eyeliner (top & bottom of both eyes) | $550

Microblading | price by consultation


Currently available in our West Virginia & New York locations

Bid farewell to pesky eyebrow pencils, and say hello to gorgeously sculpted semi-permanent brows with microblading, now offered at all Tuscan Sun Spa & Salon locations! Allow our team of certified microblading professionals help you achieve the perfect brow shape and color that you’ve been dreaming of!

Microblading differs from other types of eyebrow tattooing techniques in that every hair stroke is individually and carefully crafted by hand, guaranteeing a stunning, natural look.

At Tuscan Sun Spa & Salon, each of our highly trained microblading artists are passionate about what they do and want to ensure that their clients receive the best experience possible and are thrilled with their results, which is why we begin each microblading appointment with a free consultation during which we discuss eyebrow placement, color, thickness, arch height, etc.

The tool used during each microblading session consists of several tiny needles that penetrate the skin and inject pigment into the surface area of the dermis, which is why the process is considered to be semi-permanent.  Upon receiving microblading services, we ask that our clients return for a touchup appointment approximately six to eight weeks after their initial session, which is included in the initial quote.  Eyebrows should continue to be touched up approximately every two years to maintain their color and shape; however, the life of microblading effects are determined by a variety of factors, including body chemistry, maintenance, etc.

If you believe microblading is right for you, contact Us to schedule your FREE consultation, today!


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