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This summer, pamper your body with farm-fresh ingredients with our brand-new

Farm to Treatment Summer 2020 Spa Menu!


A kneading so silky, skin will beg for a second helping!  We begin by nestling arms and legs in a squalane and hylauronic gelée cocoon.  Formulated to brighten skin tone and hydrate this blend with lucopenerich watermelon extract seriously softens!  Stiff muscles are then kneaded using effleurage strokes with a light-as-a-feather body mousse.  Let juicy notes of watermelon dazzle and delight as this body treatment comes to an end.

99.00 | 50 mins. OR 130.00 | 80 mins.


Go forth and glow!  This facial restores hydration for a glowing complexion.  Experience the wonders of our Sorella Blackberry Peel and exfoliating fruit acid that is guaranteed to buff away rough patches in the skin.  Topped with a velvety mask that restores suppleness, and an age-defying serum, your skin will be left feeling fresh and youthful, just in time for summer!

 125.00 | 50 mins.

Mermaid Mask Add-On

This luxe cooling mask enhanced with apricot, mango, & more lowers skin's temperature and increases the absorption of moisture!



You'll begin with earthy notes of rosemary and mint filling your senses as a warm compress wraps skin in hydrating vitamin E splendor.  Lost in the warmth, you'll begin to dream you've been transported from your treatment room to a sun-drenched oasis.  Now muscle tension is gently caressed away with a skin-restoring Hi-Bio hemp massage oil with CBD-warming  on contact.  This blend is rich with lycopene and antioxidants to replenish skin with moisture.

99.00 | 50 mins. OR 130.00 | 80 mins.

Watermelon Basil Website Icon

Relish this delicious soak, ripe with notes of juicy watermelon and the soothing powers of CBD, then enjoy the exfoliating power of our watermelon, basil sugar foot scrub that buffs away dry skin until it gleams!  Sigh with relief as your feet are soothed by our luxurious body mousse, infused with advanced peptides and lycopene that nourishes and hydrates.

65.00 | 50 mins.


This vitamin-E rich body kneading is perfect after a long day outside under the sun.  Skin is prepped with a warm coconut oil-infused cocoon.  Soft notes of juicy watermelon fragrance your treatment room as skin drinks in the warmth and newfound hydration.  Finally, a watermelon extract whipped body mousse and Agave Nectar body oil come together to glide over muscles--legs, arms, and shoulders--carrying all your stresses away.


99.00 | 50 mins. OR 130.00 | 80 mins.

Rosemary Mint Website Icon

A cannabinoid a day keeps the aches away!  Help your feet feel young again with our nourishing Rosemary Mind CBD Fizzer Soak, followed by a thorough buffing infused by a natural blend of sea salt, organic herbs, and rice bran that not only refines skin but hydrates, too!  Completed by a whipped topping rubdown of Hi-Bio Hemp Body Mousse with retinol and lemon Creme Aroma.

65.00 | 50 mins.