Winter Warm Up
Hot Chocolate Massage
and Wrap

When it frosty outside let us make you toasty warm while a butter brûlée whole milk soaked linen wrap envelopes your body in a cocoon of warmth, hydrating your parched skin. After this toasty beginning, enjoy a long warm chocolate scented massage with antioxidant rich grapeseed oil that will bring a glistening glow to your holidays!


Silent Night
Spa Experience

Escape the Christmas rush with our silent night experience. Relax and enjoy our spa by cozying up by the fire. This relaxing treatment starts with a back massage with cinnamon massage oil. After the massage, you will be cocooned in a hydrating luxe body wrap and an aromatherapy facial will follow while you are surrounded in the warmth of the wrap. A warm treat to get you started to a good night’s rest!


Holiday Recovery
Facial Series

With all of the hustle and bustle of the season, your skin needs treated to a series of our best facials. A series of three starting with our Myoxy Caviar Facial, then our C and Sea facial, and the series will end with our fabulous Hydrafacial. Guaranteed to leave your skin glistening and hydrated. This series is a great savings!

Series of 3 Facials: $349


Perky Peppermint Pedicure 

When your feet need a wintry wake-up, the perky peppermint pedicure is just the ticket for flawlessly fresh feet. Enjoy the scent of candy canes as the soak nourishes and softens your skin. Relax as peppermint scrubs and masks envelope and exfoliate your dry skin. The end massage and sparkling paint is the perfect holiday treat for your feet. 


Warm Milk & Almond Mani/Pedi

Experience our warm milk and mega moisturizing almond oil soak followed by a gentle scrub with finely milled sugar cane and mineral salts. A sweet almond oil illuminating masque is applied with a soft-as-satin scented massage. A perfect polish and you have a treat for the hands or feet!

Warm Milk & Almond Pedicure: $65
Warm Milk & Almond Manicure: $35