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Quiz: What is your Summer Vacation Style?

We can all use a vacation these days. 

The past couple years have been exhausting and now that the masks have finally come off, as the world is opening up again, what better time than now to fly off to a faraway land, take the family on a trip, or just stay at home (on your terms) and do what you want to do?!?!


Not sure how you want to spend your vacation?

 Well, look no further! 

Take our fun Summer Vacation Style quiz to see what vacation is perfect for you and how Tuscan Sun can add to the fun!

What is your Summer Vacation Style?


 1.    You have two weeks’ vacation this Summer. You decide to:


a.  Fly down to Tahiti and stay in the lap of


b.  Take the kids down to Walt Disney World


c.  Attend a family reunion and host out of town guests


d.  FINALLY work on the house – painting, weeding,


 2. Keeping your vacation in mind, you go into your closet and grab:


a. Bikinis! You need a different one for every day of                    The week!


b. A baseball cap, shorts and a tee 


c. A pretty, flowy sundress


d. An old tank and cut off shorts

3. You look down at your toes and realize you are
in desperate need of a pedicure. You:


A. Immediately speed down to the nearest Tuscan Sun

B. Don’t panic – You’ll be walking around in sneakers for a      Week

C. Choose a cute pair of espadrilles to cover the toes               but still look stylish

D. Couldn’t care leSS

4.     You prefer to spend your day:

A. Frolicking on a beach

B. At an amusement park or zoo

C. Hanging at a family BBQ

D. Checking things off your To-Do list

5.     Your idea of “getting ready” consists of:

A. Your “Glam Squad” (comprised of makeup artists and            stylists)

B. SPF 30 and lip gloss

C.  A hint of bronzer and wavy tresses

D.  Chapstick

6.     You had a busy day and it’s time to unwind.
 You’re thirsty, so you grab:

a. Champagne (or Champs, as you like to call it)

B. A snow cone

C. Beer or Soda

D. An entire bottle of wine – You deserve it


 7.     It’s time for dinner! You are in the mood for:


A. Anything in a 5-star restaurant with an                            Oceanfront view


B. International cuisine at Epcot


C. Burgers and Hotdogs


D. Pizza or Chinese food – Just as long as it’s                      delivered

8.     Dinner is over and it’s still early. You:

A. Hit the biggest nightclub

B. watch the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle

C. Chill with family outside with plenty of smores,                       fireflies and laughs over memories

D. Curl up on your couch with the remote in hand

If you answered:

Mostly A’s – You have been waiting for this trip all your life, so why not look your absolute best? Call Tuscan Sun today to schedule a Cooltone consult to get beach body ready! And why stop there? Pop into our Aveda Salon and request some eye-catching highlights that will enhance your beachy waves and finish off the perfect island getaway look with our selection of Jane Iredale cosmetics!

Mostly B’s – Preparing for any trip can be overwhelming, especially when you have kids AND Disney World involved. Run down to Tuscan Sun and treat yourself to a relaxing Swedish massage and Tuscan Signature facial to relax your body and soul before your enchanting trip to the Magic Kingdom!

Mostly C’s – Face it. We all love our family, but man, can they be exhausting?!?! Perhaps you have that one aunt that must always comment on your look, or that cousin who seems to have the perfect life? Walk into that reunion feeling confident and looking great! Visit Tuscan Sun for an enviable spray tan and shop our boutique for the perfect Gretchen Scott dress that is not only stylish, but also will make you the talk of the reunion…in a good way!

Mostly D’s – You’ve accomplished so much during your vacation! You could have called in professionals to get the job done, but you didn’t! You should be rewarded! You owe it to yourself to get down to Tuscan Sun for a much-needed Essential manicure and our newest Spring Dream Menu item, the Enriched Matcha Feet Retreat Pedicure!


You have your answer! 

No matter how you spend your Summer vacation, Tuscan Sun has just the thing for you!

See you soon!

Begin Your Summer at Tuscan Sun!

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