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Personality Quiz – College Edition!

There is something for everyone at college!

Do you consider yourself on the shy side and prefer time with family or perhaps you love being the center attention and look forward to parties every weekend? Are you the overly studious bookworm who covets the Dean’s List or maybe you’re just the girl who wants the entire college experience – living in a dorm, attending classes in lecture halls and tailgating during football season? 

Whatever your personality, you can certainly find your place at college!


Curious how your personality will fit in at college?

 Well, look no further! 

Take our fun College Edition Personality Quiz to see what’s in store for your first semester at college and how Tuscan Sun can add to the fun!

Personality Quiz - College Edition!


1.  You get to college and receive a campus map. You:


a.  Look for the closest parking lots (since you will be commuting from home)


b.  Find the library – STAT.


c. Take a few glances and then toss it to the side. You’ll figure it out on your first day!


d. Calculate how many steps it will take from Monday’s lab to the popular sports bar known for it’s Monday night specials (hence, boys).


 2. It’s the first day of class. You:


a. Stop at a coffee shop. You will need that large Caramel Frappuccino to get through this commute.


b. Set your alarm for 5:30. You want plenty of time to get ready so you can head to your 8 am class and snag a front row seat.


c. Throw your slipper at the alarm clock. You aren’t ready for school to start yet.


d. Cover your head with your pillow and try to remember where the aspirin is. You had a little too much fun last night.


3. You open your closet to choose today’s outfit. You:


A. Yell for your mom to see if she washed your jeans.


B. Choose a blazer. You want to be taken seriously as a future CEO.


C. Grab your favorite tee, a pair of shorts and sneakers. Comfort is key. 


D. Throw on a flirty dress and curl your hair. You could meet your future husband today!


 4.     Saturday is the first home football game. You:


A. Help dad out at the grill. You love watching the game at home with family!


B. Could care less. You have that Abnormal Psych final project that is due in (gasp!) three months!


C. Throw on a jersey and tailgate with your new dorm buddies.


D. Get all dressed up and head to the sports bar…then wonder why all eyes are on the tv and not on you.


 5.     Your mid-term exams are coming up. You:


A. Ask your little sister to quiz you with flash cards.


B. Cut off all communication with friends and family so you can concentrate on highlighting every line in every textbook. 


C.  Create a study group with friends…and pizza.


D.  Find the smartest (and cutest) tutor. You might as well have something nice to look at while listening to something boring. 


 6.  It’s a 3-day weekend! You celebrate by:

A. Buying a new board game to play with family.


B. Getting a head start on the next 2 chapters. You are so getting an A!


C. Wearing sweats, sleeping in and perfecting your signature microwave Ramen dish.


D. Head to Tuscan Sun for a mani/pedi and fresh highlights. Surely someone is throwing a party!?!


 7.     Your final project is due in 2 days. You:


A. Ask your brainiac little sister to double check your work.


B. Hate yourself for throwing out that mini Zen Garden that your mother had bought you.


C. Take a break…and by break, we mean unapologetically eat 3 pints of ice cream.


D. Go out. It’s Ladies Night and surely your partner will finish the project. He thinks you’re cute. He wouldn’t want you to fail. 


8. You made it. The semester is over. During break you:


A. Celebrate by having your mom cook your favorite meal.


B. Buy a new mini Zen Garden and swear this time you won’t snap the mini shovel in half when stressed.


C. Plan on seeing your new dorm buddies during a ski weekend!


D. Happen to mention all the phone numbers you collected over the semester (with your ex-boyfriend coincidently in earshot).

If you answered:

Mostly A’s – Are you excited for college? Absolutely! Are you ready to move far away from home and be on your own? Not so much. Yes, college can be overwhelming, but it can also be a great place to learn independence! Walk into your first day with confidence, courtesy of a new cut and color from Tuscan Sun’s Aveda Salon! Still feel a little shy? Not for long, once you receive all those compliments on your new Katie Loxton bag  that you bought from our boutique (courtesy of the money you received from graduation gifts!). 

Mostly B’s – You are fresh off your high school valedictorian speech. You enter into college with the same tenacity (if not more?) as you did high school. You are laser focused on making the Dean’s List, but you must also realize that stress is your enemy. Tuscan Sun has just what you need to bring those stress levels down! Start with the Stress Relief Massage to reduce muscle tension and increase circulation in the high stress areas and end with the CBD Facial to align your mind, body and soul. Pop quiz? Bring it on! You’re ready.

Mostly C’s – You are fearless! New city? New friends? New classes? No problem. You have embraced the full college experience and you love every minute of it! Your roommate has quickly become your best friend and you two regularly indulge in the Tuscan Treat for Two spa package, which leaves you both looking chic and polished after fabulous mani/pedi combos and relaxed after a soothing massage. You are already looking forward to next semester and your Spring Break trip to Florida is already in the works (as you plan on heading down to Tuscan Sun for Laser Hair Removal, so you can ditch the razor and focus on fun)!

Mostly D’s – Your social calendar is just as (if not more?) important as your academic calendar. Who ever said that pajama pants and baseball caps are the uniform of a college girl? You find no reason why you cannot always look your best, which is why Tuscan Sun is the perfect spot for you! Never again get distracted by a chipped nail now that you’ve received a Gel Lacquer Manicure and gone are the days of filling in your eyebrows with countless pencils, powders and gels! Thanks to your Microblading session at Tuscan Sun, you never have to worry about those troublesome brows again!


You have your answer! 

No matter your college personality, Tuscan Sun has just the thing for you!

See you soon!


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