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Meet Maggie Biedermann!

Introducing Tuscan Sun's NEW Registered Nurse

Meet Maggie Biedermann, the newest member of our Fontana Medspa family! Read on to learn all about Tuscan Sun's new Registered Nurse and her love of helping others, gardening, and spending time with Franklin, her 4-year old pitbull/labrador mix!

Hi Maggie! Welcome to Tuscan Sun! We are so happy to have you here!

Thanks! I’m excited to be here!

Let's get right into it. Where are you from?

I am originally from Pennsylvania, but I have lived in Morgantown, West Virginia for eight years.

What brought you to Morgantown? Did you attend WVU?

Yes, I studied nursing at West Virginia University. 

And what are your credentials?

I am an RN BSN.

I'm always curious about inspiration. What inspired you to go into nursing?

I have a lot of family members that are in nursing and I’ve always kind of been around it and had an interest in the health side of helping people. 

Did you have a preference on where you wanted to work, be it a hospital, clinic, or med spa?

I always wanted to work in a medspa.

Really? Well that seems meant to be (laughs). Where did you previously work? 

I was a surgical oncology nurse at Ruby Memorial Hospital for two years and I have been an adolescent psych nurse at Chestnut Ridge for the past two years. 

What brought you to Tuscan Sun?

I’ve always loved Tuscan Sun. I’ve been to the Morgantown location a lot and it’s great. So, when the position was posted, I applied, Cheri called me, and I got the interview.

Very nice! So you were always technically part of the family, now it's just official.

Yes (laughs). 

What do you currently specialize in?

Right now it’s Semaglutide, and I hope to administer Botox and filler down the road. 

You mentioned currently working with adolescents. What drew you to that career path?

I’ve always liked psychology and I’ve always been interested in med spa. Those are just the two things I always thought of going into through nursing, and I’m happy I was able to achieve this. I definitely enjoy working with teenagers. They are just so funny and keep things different.

It's true! Teenagers are anything but boring! Let's talk hobbies. Aside from nursing, what else do you love to do?

I have a dog that I love to hang out with.

And what's the dog's name?



And I like reading. I read a lot. I love gardening. Well, by gardening I mean on my balcony at my apartment, but I have a lot of plants. It’s pretty full.

What kind of books do you read?

Usually thrillers – psychological thrillers. Something a little scary.

Any book in particular that you want to highlight? Something you think everyone should read?

I just read The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. That’s pretty good. I read it in one sitting. It keeps you interested.

Okay, the title sold me. I may have to check that out! You mentioned gardening. Do you only focus on plants or do you also have flowers and vegetables?

I have some herbs and veggies, and of course my house plants that I take care of.

Have you always been into gardening?

Yeah, I really like plants and anything regarding the outdoors.

I'm jealous. I kill any plant that comes into my house. If I look at a plant, it dies.

So it’s cursed?

Yes! A friend of mine, knowing this about me, forced me to pick out a plant at a local shop and I was told by the owner that snake plants were the way to go for newbies like me.

Snake plants are good!

I named him Nigel.

I love it.

I actually came across an article on snake plants that said they thrive on neglect.

That’s perfect. You can’t kill that!

Exactly! So that's as far as I go. My gardening consists of barely watering Nigel. Now onto other things. Most people love to travel. Am I to assume you are like most people in that regard?

Yes, I like to travel. If I could pick anywhere in the world, I would choose Ireland. That would be my number one pick. I also go on a lot of weekend trips as well.  

Where do you go and what do you do? You mentioned loving the outdoors, so do you go white water rafting, hiking and things of that nature?

I actually just went white water rafting in Tahoe with my boyfriend’s family, and lately I’ve gone to Florida a lot for bachelorettes and the Taylor Swift concert. 

I think I'm the only person left in the world who didn't attend a Taylor Swift concert! I actually used to live in Florida. Where did you visit?

St. Petersburg and Tampa.

I lived in St. Pete and coincidentally worked in Tampa!

It’s really nice. I loved it. 

Ireland would be incredible, too. I'm just thinking of rolling green hills and...sheep.

(Laughs) All the good things!

How would you describe yourself? Or if it's easier, how would your friends describe you?

Well, I know how they would describe me…

Come to think of it, I'd be afraid to ask my friends to describe me. 

(Laughs) Three words to describe myself…I would say chill, unique, and quirky.

I like it. Those are three words I haven't heard before [when I have posed this question to others]. You are correct. You are very unique! I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me! I won't keep you from Franklin any longer. No, I lied. One more question. What type of dog is he? 

He’s a pitbull/labrador mix

He must be huge.

No, only 40 pounds. He’s tiny and looks like a puppy. He just never grew. 

How old is he?

Four years old. 

Okay, that's adorable.

Yeah, he’s my baby.

Maggie is available for appointments every Thursday (in Fairmont) and every Friday and alternate Saturdays (in Clarksburg).

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