Well, I am very pleased to say I made it to my 60th birthday! There were many times I wondered whether that would be the case! Working with talented colleagues at Tuscan Sun Spa, Clarksburg, Fairmont and Morgantown, and with clients truly concerned about wellness, makes my days fly! For a moment, let us consider the idea of “wellness”. What exactly is it?

Many define wellness, using the medical model, as “an absence of disease”. That leaves out more than half of us having any chance for wellness, due to being overweight compared to height, experiencing mood changes, having a hormone imbalance, elevated blood pressure, pre- or existing diabetes, high cholesterol, overusing substances-legal or illegal, and much more. We might be better able to achieve wellness if we take a moment to redefine it. There is nothing that says we can’t have some sort of disease state yet still feel good! My attempt to better define wellness would include considering ourselves as “ in a state of achievement”, or to paraphrase the ARMY slogan, trying to be, and feel, the best we can.

How does a person get there, to this state of achievement? If you have never had a consultation to learn all that Tuscan has available to you, make an appointment ASAP! (add phone numbers of each spa). I talked with a client today. She was absolutely amazed at how much better she is feeling after hormone balancing just three weeks ago. She has more energy, is sleeping at night and her mood has greatly improved. She reports that people have been asking her what she is up to?!

For you, it might be getting a massage, having your hair washed, cut and styled, getting a relaxing pedicure or facial, losing ten or twenty pounds, having your hormones checked, getting rid of an unwanted tattoo, laser removal of dark hair, removing a reddened area on your face, and MANY other treatments. Sometimes, sitting in a comfy, overstuffed chair, drinking a coffee or having a snack, and listening to spacey spa music, will in and of itself, make you feel happier. You see, at the end of the day, if wellness is your goal, happiness is a step stool. Our goal at Tuscan is to make you feel and look amazing, and studies show that happiness follows.

My hope for myself and for you, is that the next 20 years will be even better than the last. I have taken advantage of many offerings of the Spa. I credit hormone balancing, exercising, and eating better, with the loss of 32 pounds since July. I am experiencing improved energy, better overall mood and more importantly, I have a sense of hope. My hope to experience a better day each day; I hope that You will choose to take advantage of the Tuscan journey. See you at the Spa!

Jann Foley, APRN-C.N.M.
Tuscan Sun Spa